piston twin-engine four seat aircraft

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A new twin-engine aircraft for sale, designed and manufactured by a young aviation enterprise Softex-Invest in Ukraine. 

 An affordable and comfortable 4-seat air multipurpose vehicle. Low-noise, cost-efficient.

A low-wing monoplane.

The aircraft is equipped with two ROTAX 912 engines

It  has a retractable tricycle landing gear, 2-blade pusher  propeller, variable pitch.

The aircraft instrumentation includes  two independent DYNON SkyView 1000 multifunctional displays,

Basic characteristics:

Power                                                 100 h.p х 2

Max fuel capacity                                 128L x 2 = 256L (190 kg)

Fuel consumption                                 40L / per flight hour (total)

Propeller                                             MTV-21-A-C-F/CFL 0178-51

Max take-off weight                              1300 kg

Empty weight                                      820 kg

Wing span                                           11,18 m

Fuselage length                                    7,34 m

Height                                                2,98 m

Luggage compartment                          100 L x 2

Max speed, vne                                    365 km/h  

Cruising speed                                     220 km/h   

Rate of climb                                       5 m/s

Takeoff run (at MTOW 1300 kg)              390 m

Landing run                                         280 m

Max range                                           1500 km

Endurance                                           8  hours (180 km/h)

Ceiling                                                2500m

Website: http:// softex.aero

 The sale of kit is also possible.

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Tel. : +38 044 579-90-88

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