No investment, no limits, no fallback, just coffee

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No investment, no limits, no fallback in this mushroom coffee business


Why did I join DXN business?


On one hand because of healthy coffee:


Ganoderma mushroom coffee needs no explanation:


It is delicious,

Its effect can be felt immediately,

It is alkaline, so does not hurt my stomach,

It can be consumed by those with blood pressure problems


On the other hand because the marketing plan is second to none:


No investment, no risk

I can have as many direct lines as I want,

I get bonus after all of my network in infinite depth andf width of my downlines,

There is no monthly nulling,

No fallback from a level once reached,

No obligations,

No restrictions,

No necessary expensive starter kits,

No compulsory monthly order,

No minimal order limit,

no auto-ship


Of course product users are favoured as well. Anyone who registers is entitled to 25% and more discounts from product prices without entering into business.


Read the marketing plan of DXN here in more details:

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