SMARTER Way of Buying & Selling Platform for Online Users
What is GoingAd?
GoingAd.com is a unique way of linking the Buyer and Seller at the most cost effective and convenient method without the hassle of re-occurring fees and re-posting the advertisement. Users can create Personnel Accounts so they can manage their own adverts and interlink with their own interactive social media site (unlike any other advertising sites) to generate more interest with a click of a button, effectively saving time for Users. 
GoingAd is constantly evolving and many features have been introduced to create a more User-friendly site. This site is not just for private sellers but it also accommodates commercial organisations (wholesalers, retailers, property agents, professional individuals seeking jobs and much more). GoingAd.com is a User friendly website for everyone.
 Features of GoingAd
Users can share a post on their social media websites. This aids the advertisement to receive further interest and broaden the impact of the adverts. Social media marketing is the “big thing", a powerful tool that must be taken advantage. We made sure that GoingAd has the tools and features to make that happen. 
 Why Going Ad?
As always, this journey is led by consumers. Today's consumers spend more of their time online with almost averaging three hours a day. Digital is transforming World media. In 2015 just in the UK alone it is estimated £20bn is spent on advertising, £6.3bn is predicted to have been digital including £1bn on mobile. 
GoingAd avoids consumers spending extortionate amount of fees on advertising products and Business Services that has direct impact on pricing as your saving on advertising costs.